Travel Logistics

Yes! And kids need their passports squared away as well! But the good news is that once they get them, they are good for 5 years.
Sorry, you will have to arrange your travel visas on your own.
You will have full control of your itinerary up until the point of booking. We are more than happy to help you plan your itinerary, excursions and more!
Please let us know if you have any special requests or traveling needs, please let us know in advance. We will confirm upon booking your flights and accommodations.
Absolutely! Talk to us about our group package rates, no matter the type of travel you are looking for. We might be able to swing a free room or two, free on-board spend, or fun upgrades!

After Booking FAQ

Yes, and we highly recommend travelers insurance! You never know what will happen on a journey. Simply talk to us about your needs and we will get you the right plan to fit your situation!
I’ve written a bit about things you should remember before your trip. If you are looking for a packing list, that will depend on your specific trip! Here are a few of my favorites for: Cruises, Solo Travel, Europe Travel, and Backpacking.
It depends on the type of trip and for how long – give me a call and we can discuss! You will probably need less money on an all-inclusive cruise because all you have to pay for is excursions. For other travels, you will need to factor in food, taxis, admissions to museums etc.
Please consult your carrier for plans and pricing. T-Mobile and Cricket offer plans that allow you to call Mexico/America/Canada. You can also purchase a sim card when you get to the country if you’d prefer.
This one depends on where you are going. Every country has slightly different tipping standards so do a bit of research and use your common sense. Also keep in mind that some cruises do not allow tipping. Give me a call if you still are wondering.
If you chose an all inclusive trip, it will include room and board, food, some activities, and airfare. Cruises usually include everything (minus excursions) depending on your package and room choice. Some cruises offer free on board spends as well!
Please consult your physician for up to date information on vaccination requirements. Every country has different requirements that are subject to change.